Danger always strikes when everything seems fine.

Avoiding security for the sake of speed will open your business up to many risks. But let's face it: shipping product is usually priority number one.

You've shipped, your clients are happy, but now you're getting nervous. You know you had to cut some corners here and there, and you want to fix that. But you can't afford to lose momentum.

If you know your environment's security is not optimal but don't have time to deal with it, you should know that you’re not alone.

We help companies find peace of mind by securing their AWS infrastructure.

How we work

  • We like to listen.

    Every business has it's own unique set of circumstances. The only way we can be effective at helping you is by taking to time to understand how you work.

  • There are no miracle cures.

    We will tell you like it is. Continuous improvement is the name of the game. Security won't be solved overnight.

  • You won't just be checking boxes.

    Our approach will help you address compliance readiness. But it will do so with the goal of improving your security posture.

  • This is what we do.

    Know that you will be up to date with best practices by working with a team of specialists.

AWS Cloud Security Assessment

Evaluate your current approach and create a strong security foundation. Imagine you had real visibility over your infrastructure. Not just a general idea, but a comprehensive and systematic understanding of all the moving pieces. You would be able to make informed decisions on where to spend resources, rather than taking a wild guess and hoping for the best.


  • Full-visibility on your security posture
  • Architecture and configuration review
  • Verification of monitoring processes
Give me peace of mind